How to Sell Land

how to sell land

When you sell land, as when you sell almost any real estate, you may have to choose between getting the highest price for the land versus the quickest sale price. Everyone is hopeful in securing the highest price AND a fast sale, but remember that if speed is of the essence, lowering the price is the surest way to sell faster. Sometimes it has been known that vacant property sales can take years to complete a transfer and sale.  Also remember that a lower price doesn’t always mean less money for you. Selling faster means avoiding some costs (taxes, insurance and HOA fees) of holding onto your land, avoiding nuisance calls which lead no where and the costs of continuing advertising.

Selling vacant land is very different than selling properties with a home on it.   There is significantly higher competition from the buying public to purchase a home as real estate agents generate high interest for a fast sale to keep their cost of advertising low.  People can walk through a home and visualize themselves living there. Not so with land as it is much harder to envision how to achieve the best outcome and utilization of the property.   Most people don’t want to wait the typical 6 to 12 months construction time before they move in.